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To make great wine, it's best to study the aesthetic philosophy of beauty.  Nature is at the heart of it, and balance is crucial.



Chris' path towards winemaking was more than a decade in the making, and included military service, a law practice, and a bold decision to pursue the craft of winemaking with his own artistic approach.  Having taken and passed both the California and New York bar exams, Chris is licensed to practice law in two of the nations leading wine producing states.  He also holds the unique distinction of being perhaps this nation's only winemaker also admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the United States.  He also serves as the winery's corporate counsel, and has represented others in legal matters related to the controlled beverage sector.

Chris' 2014 book, A Sense of Place, details his transformation from young college student in Northern California kicking around Napa with friends, to a busy litigator in Newport Beach, CA, practicing law and engaging in winemaking and backyard viticulture on the weekends.   

Chris Missick has produced dozens of 90+ wines, earned honors with his wines in major wine publications, pioneered Chenin Blanc in the Finger Lakes, and hosts the podcast VITI+CULTURE, where he talks with makers from all walks of life on how to cultivate a good life.  

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