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Vines and wines have grown from this special place, since 1866.

Since the first vineyard planting on our property in 1866 by Dr. Byron Spence, this land has been used to grow grapes and make wines.  The names, faces, and buildings have changed over the last 150+ years, but a commitment to the community, the land, and the importance of legacy remain.  With Missick Cellars, our family seeks to share our life's work - a work centered on authenticity and deliciousness.

We left California to seek the winemaking frontiers of the East, and landed, happily, in the Finger Lakes.

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After ten years of ownership of Bellangelo, a name the Missick family inherited with the purchase in 2011, the pandemic forced a stark realization. In a letter to his wine club, Missick noted, “[w]e came to realize that what we had built was no longer what we had bought a decade ago.  The vision for our business has changed so much. Over this last decade, we earned a spot in Wine & Spirits Magazine's “Top 100 Wines of the World,” established a remarkable sparkling wine program, elevated customer service and expanded wine education, introduced the first Chenin Blanc to be made in the Finger Lakes in 40 years... and so much more.”   


We pursued an eponymous designation, because at the end of the day, it was less about creating a catchy social media brand, than it was about representing the truest expressions of ourselves, of our land, and our life’s work.  We are all thirsty for those things that we know are real and are authentic, it has been one of the two guiding principles of my winemaking, and this change fulfills that promise on another level. The brand is our work, it’s what we grow and make.



The logo, which drew inspiration from the fruit of life symbolism of sacred geometry, centers the concept with a crown of M’s, and reflects a family heritage of stained glass making. For us, the fruit of life is an ancient symbol of creation and connection.  Out of the chaos of 2020, we embraced a new beginning anchored on perseverance.



Authentic / Delicious / Legacy

We make wines that are meant to enrich life.  Using innovative tools and traditional techniques, we craft a lineup of sparkling wines, and cool climate vinifera and hybrid varietals.  We proudly grow and make the only Chenin Blanc in the Finger Lakes, along with Riesling and Cabernet Franc. We emphasize a pursuit of living a good life, and believe enjoying wine on a deep level is a part of that pursuit. 

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