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After nearly two decades in the wine business, the Texas based incarnation of Missick Cellars was born in 2024. It was a journey of multiple roads less travelled: from France, to California, to the Finger Lakes in New York, and ultimately to Texas.


We established our first winery after purchasing an existing winery in New York's Finger Lakes region in 2011.  In light of the world changing events of 2020, we decided to make the winery a family legacy, by changing the name to Missick Cellars.  In a letter to our wine club at the time, Chris noted, “[w]e came to realize that what we had built was no longer what we had bought a decade ago.  The vision for our business has changed so much. Over this last decade, we earned a spot in Wine & Spirits Magazine's “Top 100 Wines of the World,” established a remarkable sparkling wine program, elevated customer service and expanded wine education, introduced the first Chenin Blanc to be made in the Finger Lakes in 40 years... and so much more.”   

Pioneers and those who seek frontiers always have more to accomplish and find.  Just as the brave founders of the Texas Republic left the comfort of their established businesses and homes in the East, the we embarked from the Finger Lakes in 2023, settling a short drive from the Alamo in the picturesque town of Boerne, Texas.  

Together, Chris and I, along with their two children Andrew and Audrey, enjoy growing our own food, tending to our chickens and bees, and crafting extraordinary wines. 


We intend to plant an estate vineyard dedicated to producing sparkling wines in the coming years.


Read more about Chris, our winemaker.





Family / Community / Texas

We make wines that are meant to enrich the meals and the life that we share with family and friends. 

We are dedicated to supporting our Texas farmers.  Wine should always be about place, and have a connection to the land, communities, and culture where it is grown.  We share wines from the Finger Lakes because it is an important part of our legacy, but because we are Texans, we endeavor to grow, make, and share Texas wine.


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